Sadaqatul Jariyah is ongoing charity (continuous rewards) received by us (for good actions and deeds), that will not only benefit us in this life, but will continue to benefit us after our death Inshallah.

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Abu Huraira (RadhiAllahu ‘anhu) reported: Allah’s messenger ﷺ saying:

When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three, recurring charity or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased) [Sahih Muslim – Book 13-Hadith 4005]

Allah SWT says: “…and spending something (in charity) out of the provision which we have bestowed you, before death should come to any of you and he should say, O my Rabb! Why you do not give me respite for a little while? I should then have given (largely) in charity, and I should have been one of the doers of good.” (Qur’an, 63:10)

Below are examples of good actions and deeds which will outlive you Insha Allah.

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