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Shahadah (Testimony of Faith)

The first pillar of Islam is to believe and declare the faith by saying the Shahadah (lit. ‘witness’), known as the Kalimah.
But how many Muslims really know the “Who; Why; When & How” to give the Shahadah to someone who wants to be a Muslim?

Let’s take a look and see what is required from all of us, insha’Allah:

WHO? Anyone who understands the meaning of the Shahadah and desires to believe in only One God (Allah), without Partners – and follow the way of Muhammad, peace be upon him, is qualified and needs to do their Shahadah as soon as possible.

WHY? Whoever agrees, there really is only One God and Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the last messenger of God (Allah) they must declare it out loud and those present must help them.

WHEN? As soon as possible after a person knows and believes in Allah, His messenger and Islam as a way of life, it becomes obligation to declare this in front of Allah and witnesses (if possible)

HOW? Step by Step:

1. Ghusl
2. Witnesses
3. Explanation
4. Declaration

Follow these simple steps and ask Allah to accept from all of you

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