Ramadhan Guide – Seeking the Love of Allah

The Qur’an Project has published the ‘Ramadhan Guide’ – ideal in so many ways. You can download the FREE copy and also order your FREE copy. 
The book includes the following:

1) Daily Checklist of different acts of Ibadah [worship]

2) Recommendations

3) Duas from the Qur’an, Duas seeking the Love of Allah [swt], Qunoot Duas and others.

4) 30 benefits of Dhikr [1 per day] taken from Ibn al-Qayyim

No single book can fully convey the many treasures that Ramadhan holds for a Believer. It is a time when one cuts himself off from worldly norms and renews himself to Allah [swt]-his Creator. He disciplines his mind, heart, hand, feet, tongue and stomach to act only in accordance to that which Allah [swt] loves. 
In the process the Believer’s Heart is cleansed and washed to its deepest and most innermost parts not from earthly water but from divine rain-the final revelation -The Qur’an. 
We can describe Ramadhan in so many ways – every description only enhancing its beauty-
It is the month of Mercy where sins are forgiven,
It is the month of Salvation where people are saved from the Fire,
It is the month of Bliss where people are granted Jannah,
It is the month of Victory,
It is the month of Layl tul Qadr- The Night of Power- the night when
the Qur’an was revealed and where the annual decree descends for
So if you want to prepare your self to maximise your time in Ramadhan – this is a must have!!!!

Download, order your copy and SHARE with family and friends.

We hope you benefit from this years Ramadhan Diary and share this with family and friends. May Allah Almighty forgive us for all our sins and shortcomings and bless us with the best Ramadhan of our lives [ameen].