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About the “Night of Power”

NIGHT OF POWER: Layl tul Qadr – Some quick points and reminders about this night.

This night can fall on either the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th or 29th of Ramadhan Insha’Allah.

In the United Kingdom [and other regions of the world] this begins tonight Monday 29th July – then Wednesday 31st July, Friday 2nd August, Sunday 4th August and Tuesday 6th August 2013.

1. This is the night that the Qur’an was revealed.

2. Each deed you do on this night is equivalent to performing the same deed for more than 1,000 months [as in Surah al-Qadr] or [more than 30,000 days] Some recommended deeds to do on this night

a) Each letter you read of the Qur’an is normally rewarded by 10 [so multiply it by the night]
b) Give some charity to poor, orphan, prisoner etc
c) Say much dhikr, [SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allah u Akbar, La ilaha illaAllah]
d) Make plenty of Istighfar [Astaghfirullah]
e) Pray Nafl Salah
f) Clear your heart by asking others to forgive and forgive others. Smile and treat people with love.
g) Send salutations and Salam on the Prophet Muhammad [saw]

3. Make plenty of dua for yourself, parents, family, the oppressed Muslims all over the world [the year’s destiny for the individual will descend this night, marriage, death, birth of a child etc]

4. Make sure you continuously say during this night the following dua

“O Allah you are Lovingly Merciful and Love to be Merciful so have mercy on me”
[Allahuma innaka ‘afoowan tuhibul afwa fafu’anni]

Quick linguistic of key word in dua – Afwa.

Below are some dictionary meanings of the word:

Lane’s Lexicon:
Effaced, erased, obliterated (e.g. The trace… footprint, was… effaced.)

Hans Wehr:
Wiped out, eliminated, to forgive, to excuse, relieve, pardon, waiver a punishment, amnesty (eg. I beg your pardon, excuse me… ( in reply)… your welcome, don’t mention it.)

He pardoned you, Passover.

According to some, the root letters occur 33 times in the Qur’an.